Emanufaktur came into the world to express my entire creativity.

I love to create new products, especially the ones that make us feel good.

I have been working as a Masseuse-Therapist for years and my greatest concern was to create something that was good for the body and helped people to overcome their emotional blocks. During my long experience in dealing with people and their physical and emotional problems, I learnt that the same disease can be caused by different factors because each person is different.

As far as possible I only use fresh, biological and raw materials for my production.

I collect a lot of ingredients in the woods and meadows of South Tyrol. I instill all the energy I have in my products to help people combining raw materials, manufacturing awareness and my innate passion.


Since all my products are made by hand and the nature is different every time, it can always come to color, - scent & consistency differences, but this does not affect the effect.


I always try to improve my products, to find new raw materials and to supplement the recipes with new treasures! Thus, it may also be that formulas expand. I will always mention these novelties in the shop under the respective product.


All products are packaged as environmentally friendly as possible, either using glass or recyclable plastic made from cornstarch. Of course, it is not always, because the shipping always has some claims, but I still try my best the nature of any further injury!



I was born and raised in South Tyrol, surrounded by mountains, lakes, meadows and forests!

Already as a child I had a strong connection to nature, to the peace in the forest and the incredibly pleasant smell of fresh forest soil in the summer sun.

I've always been fascinated by flowers and herbs and intuitively I even knew more about their meaning than I had ever read or learned anywhere.

I loved eating fresh, small sorrel leaves in passing or chewing the fresh spruce shoots.

Sometimes I also took off the beautiful yarrow flowers, which I then put in a glass of water, left to stand in the sun until it had a light color; then I drank it with relish.

Years later I traveled to India, to the place where I still recharge my batteries today.

My knowledge of health is thus rooted here in South Tyrol, with very strong influence of Ayurveda - the teaching of life.

I love India, this stunning nature, the people, the food, just the whole spirit of the country. I am particularly fascinated by how people look after themselves there. They strengthen the soul through spiritual practices and the body with the help of Ayurveda.

Although their religion and their deep spiritual understanding of life teaches them,  that we are not the body, but the spiritual, indestructible, eternal soul within, they respect their vehicle - the body - more than I have ever seen elsewhere.

You have understood it, though the body is merely a mortal shell of the being, of the soul, we nevertheless need it, healthy and happy, on our long journey, both for the material and for the spiritual.