Take care of your body and dedicate it your time using products that could also be eaten because they are so precious and natural.

Each product is handmade and contains the purest ingredients I could find. Many of them come from wild harvesting, so I collect them carefully and make my best not to exploit Mother Nature.

I work with fresh and raw materials and refrain from creating formulas requiering emulsifiers and preservatives.

The pure essential oils which are distilled by flowers, fruits, leaves and barks are combined with vegetable oils, vegetable butters and extracts to maximize their individual qualities and create highly functional and balanced products.

Mother Nature creates simple things and I want to keep them that way. Maintaining a healthy and beautiful skin should not be complicated.

100% natural

100% handmade

100% free of emulsifiers

100% free of chemical preservatives

100% honest

100% made with love